Ten Most Wanted

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The Ten most sought after Cherished Teddies

I have all Ten of the Ten Most Wanted


Daisy - Friendship Blossoms With Love  Issued 1993--Suspended 1995--Retired 1996.  Daisy is Number One. 

Holding On To Someone Special

Holding On To Someone Special -  1993 Customer Appreciation Event.  Issued 1993--Closed 1993.  She is Number Three.


Alice - Cozy Warm Wishes Coming Your Way--Issued 1993--Closed 1993. Alice is Number Five on the list.


Charity - I Found A Friend In Ewe--Issued 1993--Suspended 1994--Retired 1996.  She is Number Seven.


Bessie - Some Bunny Loves You--Issued 1994--Suspended 1995.  Bessie is Number Nine.


Chelsea - Good Friends Are A Blessing.  Issued 1993--Suspended 1995--Retired 1995.  Chelsea is Number Two.

Priscilla Ann

Priscilla Ann - There's No One Like Hue--1994-95 Expo Exclusive--Issued 1994--Closed 1995. She is Number Four.


Tasha - In Grandmother's Attic--1996 Adoption Center Exclusive, Limited Edition of 19,960--Issued 1996--Closed 1996. Tasha is Number Six.

Beth and Blossom

Beth and Blossom - Friends Are Never Far Apart--Issue 1992--Retired 1997. They are Number Eight on the list.

Teddy and Roosevelt

Teddy and Roosevelt - The Book of Teddies 1903-1993--Limited Edition--Issued 1993--Closed 1993.  They are Number Ten.